Representative Director

Food is about the experience and sharing amazing times together.
Think about it,
many times, our precious memories and experiences are connected with that special diner or dish with the people you cherish.

Because of our extensive experience and passion for food products, we started the JML-Group. We will produce and bring the best products we believe in to the global market to inspire the world with premium quality food products.

We can’t wait to deliver to you
and make some great new memories together.

Dax Lira
Representative Director

Director Export and Sales


The 21st century demands a lot more from the average business than it did 50 years ago. Our firm has to be flexible, affordable, profitable, eco-responsible, and provide excellent service on top of that. And we are making all of that happen thanks to our superb partners and a dedicated team.

We are building a greener, smoother, and better future.

Michael Lippens
Director Sales and Export

Founding philosophy

In 2020, we witness a world on one side developing on speeds we have never seen before in human history, and on the other side, crumbling like a house of cards. Slowly but certainly.

Right now, we are fighting a battle with ourselves.
Over wealth, resources, and influence.
This fight happens on each level of society, in each corner of the world.

Change is inevitable. We are going to be that change.
To inspire the world to change for the better.
Inspire to progress.


The Beginning
The “JML-Group“ short for Johannes Molenaar Lira Group is founded in 2019 and registered in 2020 by the Lira brothers, Dax and Fernando.
JML’s core business is the import and export of consumables with a Dutch heritage.
To reflect the core engine of the company, we have chosen the name JML.

JML Explained
 Vries was a grist miller living in a small village called Kloostertille, located in the northern province of the Netherlands, Friesland. A miller (or “molenaar” in dutch), an ordinary profession in the Netherlands at that time. Windmills are known worldwide as an iconic symbol of Dutch culture. Some 1,200 historic windmills are still present today, visible across the landscape.
And of course, Lira, the family name of the founding brothers. They are reflecting entrepreneurship and the strength of brotherhood.

Our Logo Explained
The logo was designed with three critical points in mind:

  • The letters JML
  • The image of a windmill
  • The color Green

By reading the paragraph “JML Explained,” you learn that the Lira brothers are far descendants of Johannes Vries, the owner of a windmill called “Molen Vries.” An iconic symbol of the Netherlands. The windmill emphasizes our Dutch roots and desire for entrepreneurship.

The green color is often associated with sustainability. And sustainability precisely what we believe what the future is all about. Integrating this color in our logo is our way of telling the world what we are all about. A green and sustainable future. Always in all ways.

Molen 2 Scaled
Johannes vries and his windmill - 1924

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